Umicore has introduced a new technology that offers an easy drop in against currently used cobalt carboxylates. On top of the outstanding application results, Umicore provides an insight into the non-hazardous characteristics of its new polymerization catalyst ECOS ND®15.  Based on these figures and results, Umicore clearly differentiates from any other catalyst producer. On top Umicore has developed mix driers, based on ECOS ND®15 to facilitate the drop-in replacement against currently used carboxylates.

ECOS ND®15 is a cobalt containing polymer and so does not have to be REACh registered! Although polymers are exempt from REACh, Umicore has already covered all issues by performing various critical toxicity tests and so is prepared for the moment when REACh eventually addresses polymers as well. In this context Umicore offers a real long term solution.

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